I haven’t even looked at my website or my blog in seven months uncharitstic of me as someone who is addicted to social media and a social media content writer. 

It doesn’t mean I have been remiss or not interested in social media infact I became more active but mainly on Facebook.

It was the one tool I used to write short pieces called view from the beauty parlour. 

I just reread the last article I wrote on WordPress which I never published as it was my final paper for college which was on Irish waters social media campaign compared to activists on the left. My conclusion would not have been welcome by my own comrades and I was uncomfortable with my ability to able to devise a marketing campaign for Irish water.

It brought me to a point where I had to decide what was most important using my creativity and being employed or my political stands. 

I didn’t get time to linger on it for long the week I submitted my paper I was diagnosed with lung cancer. I got a 100% on the paper so thanks to all my  comradeswho helped me out on it.

So for a short while I kept the illness secret at my daughter’s wished. They felt that I live a very public life and this was happening to not just me but them as well and they didn’t wish to share. 

In the end I was forced to because my work load was not decreasing with me letting people know I was ill.

I confined my posts to Facebook. Each carried a new out look for me and documented how I fought my battle the warriors I met and lost and how cancer destroys friendships and builds new ones.

Twitter was left alone because I really only use it to shout at Vincent Brown. My LinkedIn got one post as unrecovered and started looking for work again about gaps on CV’s and how I would explain I was busy for a year fighting to live. 

My post where short and simple observations of live hopefully they give hope to the warriors and their families.

As I start back into the living world I have come to my old friend WordPress. I now have the energy and concentration to put into full articles the vigior and expression required for a full blog. 

Glad to be back 


Our Rights

Our constitution in article 40.6 we are given freedom of expression and the right to peacefully assembly and the right to from association’s.

 As citizens of this country not only do we by the article 9.2 do we have the right to protest our collaboration in genocide the plundering of our countryside by foreign and domestic parasites and the enslavement of my fellow citizens by the same afformentioned parasites. Is my solemn and constitutional duty.

Now the definition of a parasite is an organism which lives in or on another organism. Obtaining nourishment and protection with no benefit returned. Human parasites can cause disease’s. 

Joan Burton choice to go the awards ceremony on that day the protest about her presence was widely advertised on the social media platforms. Where ever she was about to do a public performance at this time there was a protest. Which she would gleefully grimace at in a condescending way. 

Infact protesters where viewed as minor irritants an occupational hazard by the power whelling elites. Minor disturbances caused by parasitical working class.

The definition of false imprisonment is to detain someone against their will or consent. Joan consented to attend the ceremony that day. In one of the most deprived areas of Dublin. An area hit hard by Joan’s austerity measures. Area with a large number of extreme left councilors elected and a TD. An area politicised by the community resistance to water charges and austerity. 

As you drive threw the area the resistance to the government and austerity is displayed on all lampposts. Strategic battles on a daily basis where taking place across the area and the entire country.

With all! Of this information Joan took up the call to attend a graduation ceremony in the area. Her adviser’s allowed this to happen. The local Garda where informed of the plan and I am not aware if they advised her not to attend. Sense and sensibility was not used for this diary date. 

We have a right to protest, we have a right to organise, we have a right to voice opinion. We have a duty to defend our country against parasites.

Austerity the economic policy to cut spending on services to invest in privatisation and ensure the wealthy remain and grow wealthier on the backs of the poor. Sound parasitic?

27 people where arrested on that day for standing up to a parasite upon our community. One has been found guilty of false imprisonment a 15 year old child. Who held a megaphone gave voice and like in all protests for civil liberties he sat down. 

Joan in her vehicle for two hours had consented to come here that is not false imprisonment. The car was engulfed by Garda not protestors. 

The most galling thing about this verdict is the fact that our civil liberties are now being denied. At yesterday’s protest for justice handing out flyers asking for people to defend their right to protest. Many ignored us as is their right some poured scorn on us for protesting.

I have one thing to say to that I exercise my rights and stand and fight for them. I will be still doing that on the day you realise that your civil liberties have been eroded and you join us or say someone should have done something about that. 

Our rights our not just for lefties like me who stand in solidarity with many. They are everyone’s rights. This miscarriage of justice doesn’t just effect a small group of water protestors. It effects us all. 

If it’s a crime for a 15 year old to voice his opposition to those in power in public it definitely denies freedom of speech to all. 

Now are you ready to defend this nation against all parasites as is our constitutional duty.